Nov 8, 2018

Notice Regarding Stock Acquisition of Mooncraft Co., Ltd.

Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Maibara, Shiga, President & CEO: Akiyoshi Oku, hereinafter referred to as "TCM") has reached an agreement with Takuya Yura, President & CEO and sole shareholder of Mooncraft Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Gotemba, Shizuoka, President & CEO: Takuya Yura, hereinafter referred to as "Mooncraft"), which is highly recognized for its design and production of racing cars, to acquire all shares of Mooncraft and make it a subsidiary.

Mooncraft was established in 1975 as an engineering company that designs, develops, and produces automobiles. In later years, it developed numerous racing cars and road vehicles and has long supported Japan's motor racing industry as a constructor. At the same time, the company was widely involved in the planning, design, trial production, and commercialization of various industrial products and counts creative monozukuri (craftsmanship) as one of its strengths.

Since joining the Toray Group in 2013, TCM has promoted efforts to strengthen the organization and structure and reinforce equipment and functions and has enhanced its capacity to handle everything from research and development to production comprehensively. The company has also applied carbon-fiber composite material (hereinafter referred to as "composite") technology, cultivated through the development of racing cars, to realize the commercialization of high-performance and high-function composites in a variety of areas and applications. Currently, in addition to the expanding market of aircraft parts and industrial equipment applications, the company is attempting to expand and reinforce its development area further to respond to the increase in demand for automobile applications owing to the increasingly heightened need for weight reduction in the shift towards electric cars. The Company is also actively working to strengthen its ability to propose creative and innovative monozukuri projects.

For the past 30 years, the technological innovation in safety and machine performance for motor racing has consistently advanced hand in hand with the advancement of composite materials. As a result, composites are now essential structural material in modern-day motor racing. At the same time, for the advancement of composites, motor racing was the ideal area to deepen material and processing technology. The high-level trial-and-error in response to constant and intense competition in machine development has promoted the rapid evolution in materials, design, and production methods, and has consistently expanded the potential of composites. In the future, motor racing will continue to be the mobile lab for composites and is sure to be the setting for discovering new frontiers for composites.

By combining the powers of Mooncraft and TCM, we will improve the foundation of our structure and environment for the research and development of racing cars, which is the source of more in-depth composite technology, and we aim to become a racing car constructor of a new era. We also believe that it will be possible to create and propose new concepts and futures for automobiles as a carrozzeria (car workshop). We are confident that these activities will promote the sustainable development and expansion of composite technology and also support the development of motor racing in Japan.
You can expect great things from the new Mooncraft and TCM.

<Reference> Overview of the two companies

Mooncraft Co., Ltd.

(1) Business details : Product development, production, and design development of parts related to cars and race cars, production and design development

(2) Location : Gotemba, Shizuoka

(3) Established : 1975

(4) Representative : President & CEO Takuya Yura

(5) Capital : 33 million yen

Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd.

(1) Business details : Design, product development, production, and sales of molded parts using carbon fiber composite material

(2) Location : Maibara, Shiga

(3) Established : 2013

(4) Representative : President & CEO Akiyoshi Oku

(5) Capital : 488 million yen


Joint release with Mooncraft Co., Ltd. No.1 "I toP" (Released September 2018)